February 2015 Mehfil

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Big Kudos to Shobhnaben for her large heart and warm Home to make the evening Splendid!!!Thank you from all of us.
This lovely concept of remembering Great Souls who with their creative best gave the world and music lovers priceless compositions
is extremely gratifying and a blessing for the BDC family…Trust me we all surely will invoke the blessings of those great departed souls. God bless the BDC family to keep the flame alive….Thank you Dev saab and Reshmaji for starting the same.
Yesterday evening was indeed filled with Romance truly Valentine…..Shobhnaben’s home made it even more cozy.
The music/sound system was extremely good and balanced.The food as always was extremely delicious soon leading to empty vessels……This transition from MERAGANA to MERAKHANA can in future be called BDC’s KHANAGANA-Mehfil!!
The selection of songs and singing by the family! members with such great commitment and dedication is surely becoming a therapy in our daily lives……..Bar Bar Muskurado!!
THANK YOU BDC for being the positive change and uniting families month after month.
God bless us all.

Lots of love……Guha


Dear Shobhana ji, Reshma ji, Dev ji, Sharad ji, Jay ji, Dileep ji, Kris ji and freinds,

Guha ji has summarized the aura of yesterday’s dhamaka so well and captured the essence of the BDC mehfils! Thank you So much, Shobhana ji, for welcoming us so warmly to your loovely home and making us all comfortable with love and warmth, amazing khana, gaana, family fun, and much much more. It was truly an awesome Valentine mehfil as Guha ji says so correctly. Our heartfelt thanks to Reshma ji and Dev ji keeping the BDC spirit flying and soaring high in this eleventh year, making it better and better each month. It truly doesn’t get better than this anywhere else.

We also thank Sharad ji for volunteering in the absence of Suresh bhai and Chandrika bhabhi (who were sorely missed yesterday) and managing the system perfectly from start to finish to everyone’s satisfaction. Our heartfelt thanks to Jaybhai for preparing the meragana list perfectly and getting up after each number to upload the track, adjust the pitch, etc. The services of Chitra ji (who was also sorely missed along with Shivant) and Pramod ji in ensuring the great variety of songs we get to hear each month is most appreciated! It is wonderful that Dev ji now submits the actual gaana list to minimize errors in the BDC holy book. From this month onwards, Dev ji will send the tribute list and ganapedia by the 7th of each month for sure in one mail and song requests have to be submitted only after this is done. I am writing this for the benefit of those who missed the mehfil yesterday. All members are also requested to use Dev ji’s thread alone to reply, submit songs, always identifying who they are in the e-mail.

Dileep ji and Kris ji: Thank you for your tireless efforts to capture us at our best moments elegantly. We now take your albums as a guaranteed treat for attending the mehfils.

Yesterday’s bash at the Shubh Crest was most delightful. The song selections and reniditons were just awesome beginning with the Juthika Roy bhajan, progressing to Valentine day specials with Murali ji enchanting us with a newer song that everyone fell in love with, only for “a kind of hush” to spread remembering Karen Carpenter, then a wonderful bag of oldies ranging from Indeevar, Allah Rakha Quereshi, the maestro Pankaj Mullick, a pseudo Mirza Ghalib that brought the house down with laughter and admiration for the one-and-only Bina ji who kept us all in splits while continuing to help prepare tea, khana, etc. etc., and then filling in to provide the perfect sounds with the gaana when needed..if anyone is upset that BDc would have a pseudo Ghalib as a tribute, no worries, the real Asadullah Khan was remembered elegantly by Satish ji’s rendition (great to have you back, Sir),
the beauty and perfection of the class actor Nutan being recalled so elegantly, the spirited lyrics of S H Bihari spreading the Bihari charm at the home, The magic of Whitney Houston being recalled by Hema ji sweetly, the robust grand dame ZohraBai and the pretty Swarnalatha combo revived in our memory by Karen ji, the absolute beauty and attraction of Madhubala came alive in many songs, lesser known names like Devendra Goel, Raj Kanwar, were also recalled by our Masters, the talent of Vijay Anand in making perfect movies with charming song picturizations of a different kind were also recalled joyously, the majesty of Kamal Amrohi as a director, the beauty of Sudarshan Fakir’s ghazals are some of the items that come to mind as I write this note. I do not believe that one would get to hear all this variety with the most delicious khana and fun anywhere else in one evening.

As the BDC family, hum ek baar muskuraate hain, sau baar haste hain, sau sau baar muskuraate hain, sau baar janam lene ke duwa maangte hain aise hee pyar aur muhabbat jo hamazi zindagi mein hai, aise he hamesha barkarar rahe..

Long live BDC!

With grateful thanks and warm regards to everyone!

Khantha & Ram




Khaanapedia for February 2015

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